For most of my life I’ve been somewhat overweight.  I’ve tried a lot of diets,  none of which worked.  Finally I decided that the only way to get thin was to follow the only sane advice on the subject I’d ever heard.  That, oddly enough, came from George Clooney.  To get thin, he said, you have to do two things, eat less and exercise more.  Simple in theory, not so easy in practice.

 This blog is the story of my weight loss journey.  It is also the place where I will discuss how I got fat, why I stayed fat, and what made me want to get thin.  I’ll also discuss attitudes toward weight,  weight loss strategies, and what has worked and not worked for me.

This won’t be an I lost another pound this week blog.  I hope to lose a lot of pounds, and that is part of why this blog exists, but not the only part.  I also want to examine what fitness and fatness mean to me, both in the context of my own life and in the larger context of society. 

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